Careful Optimism

Hello world,

today I found some spring before the sky came down, drop by drop.
DSC08212DSC08199I had two hours off today because our teacher was sick. In Switzerland only the first nine years of school are obligatory (9 years of Swiss school = 12 years of American school), which means that only the first nine years schools get all the money they want from the state. They get to give students books and pencil for free, they get to offer them cheap trips, and if a teacher is sick, they pay good money for a substitute.

Weeeell, Gymnasium is different. Books and trips are freaking expensive (like reeeeally expensive) but they do not care. They buy dozens of unnecessary books for us and we go on a bazillion trips (which is cool, I guess). Even the copies we get, cost 50 cents or so per sheet. It’s robbery!

But the upside is that the school can not pay for substitutes. So, if a teacher gets sick or pretends to (I am pretty sure, they do that, too), we get off. That’s nice. Especially because we have a couple “weaklings” who are sick every other week.
DSC08211 DSC08180So I had three hours of lunch break today which is enough time to go home. I saw a couple of snowdrops on the way which made me grab my camera and head back out as soon as I got home.

Although I like the word snowdrop (I’ve got to admit, I had to look that one up), I prefer the German version: Schneeglöckchen which means snow bell. Schneeglöckchen sounds very similar to Schneeflöckchen meaning snow flake.

I second grade we had to perform a song called Schneeflöckchen, and we had to wear white tutus and a headband with cotton balls stuck to it. No wonder I still know the lyrics. I must have been a childhood trauma.
DSC08159 DSC08166

Schneeflöckchen, Weissröckchen
Wann kommst du geschneit
Du wohnst in den Wolken, dein Weg ist so weit

Snow flake-y, white skirt-y
When will you snow down
You live in the clouds, your way is so far


DSC08219But snow flake-ys are gone for now. The rain which came down with mighty force about 30 minutes after these pictures were taken, washed away every stupid white skirt-y left (why is a snow flake even compared to a white skirt – da heck)

So, basically, I am really looking forward to spring, and I am constantly looking for some beauty in the slush that’s been surrounding us for too much time.

I’ll tell you when I find some.


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