17 Memories // August 2017

Hello world,

wow, what a month. August started hot and crisp, and now September is slowly taking the reins to segue into my favorite season of them all: fall. But before we start that chapter, let’s look back at all the wonderful moments I got to experience these last weeks in the most beautiful country I know: Switzerland.

Here are 17 memories I made in August 2017:

1 I went back home to Bern. Boy, did that feel good.

2 Some friends I made in Heidelberg this year came to visit me and had to admit that I do have the prettiest home town possible.

3 We took the boat 20km from Thun to Bern and got soaked, because we all sucked at rowing.

4 On my first Swiss National Day as a Swiss citizen, I visited the federal government building and got some chocolate for free.

5 With a good friend, I hiked for the first time this year. We got lost but ended up in a perfect spot anyways and with awkward tan lines.

6 I slept in a tent on the shore of an alpine lake 2537m above sea level and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunrises of my life at 6:13am.

7 I participated in a kids’ program from church. This year was the ten-year anniversary, and I have been a part of it for eight of those ten years.

8 Flora, another close adventure buddy, and I hiked a super scary trail along the ridge of a mountain. We concluded that we thereby both overcame our fear of heights.

9 I cooked salmon, and it was so good.

10 I spent a lot of time writing a lot of applications.

11 My best friend Nicole and I drove to a remote but insanely beautiful part of Switzerland where we stayed in a hut after hiking up 1000 meters of elevation.

12 We had already taken disappointed photos, when we discovered a gorgeous sunset breaking through the thick clouds. Sorry for our high-pitched screaming. We were very pumped.

13 Reluctantly, I went back to Heidelberg, because I had fallen so deeply in love with Swiss mountains.

14 There, I surprisingly managed to write most of my scary term paper. That lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders.

15 Since all my friends were gone or busy, I took a trip up a mountain for sunset all by myself. Thank God I did that, because that sunset was one of my favorites. Plus, I even met someone to chat to about Swiss history, legends, and geography.

16 For my last trip to the mountains, I went to Lauterbrunnen, which is one of the top tourist attractions of my area. That was surprisingly pretty. I was about forty years younger than the average visitor on a Wednesday afternoon, but I did not mind. I am a pensioner at heart anyways: All I want is nothing more than hikes, sleep, and coziness.

17 I donated blood! I had been wanting to do this again for a long time now because of my rare blood blood type. Thankfully, I finally got up the nerves to go through with it. Thus, I have this month not only overcome my fear of heights once more but also my fear of needles.

This August was a long-awaited break for me, and I am so grateful for all the wonderful memories I got to make. My summer bucket list is so full already, and I can’t wait for late summer/early fall to take over. I am leaving Switzerland tomorrow, which saddens me, however, I truly made the most out of my time here. Let’s hope I get to witness many more mountain sunsets and sunrises in the years to come.