17 Memories // March 2017

Hello world,

March has flown by, because I did sooo many things this month. I traveled, reconnected to my inner Swiss alter ego, and made all of my friends jealous by not being busy with uni / being busy with voyages.

It’s time to look back on a really good month. 

Here are 17 memories I made in March 2017: 

1.  I traveled as a Swiss tourist for the first time. After being mistaken for being an American, it feels great to say, ‘Oh no, I am Swiss.‘ (Especially in this day and age.)

2. I also traveled all by myself for the first time.

3. I had haggis. It wasn’t that bad, however, it was my only portion of meat this month and quite possibly my last in a long time.

4. On the Isle of Skye, I had an American encounter.

5. I pulled an all-nighter at the Edinburgh airport. That wasn’t as glamorous as I had expected it to be.

6. Surprisingly, I started liking coffee after years of complaining about not liking it. I may have made a mistake, though.

7. I am officially no longer a citizen of Bern, but will be a Swiss citizen forever.

8. I bought a bike. It’s green and fabulous.

9. I met up with so many friends. It felt like I had never left.

10. I visited continent #4: Asia. Didn’t feel very Asian.

11. I rode a camel.

12. In the Dead Sea, I realized painfully I shouldn’t have shaved my legs.

13. In Jerusalem, I experienced what impact religion has.

14. I bought a sign that says ‘Shalom y’all.’ No shame.

15. I legendarily pranked my best friend at Tel Aviv airport by making him believe I was denied leave of Israel.

16. In Bern, I watched the sun set over my favorite city surrounded by blossoming cherry trees and knew I will always come back to this place.

I love Bern with all of my heart: It is my home with my friends and family here, the most beautiful river, my beloved and incomprehensible third language, and sunsets as the one I witnessed this weekend.

17. After a travel intensive month, I am more than ready for my tiny dorm room, my America-obsessed squad, and a new semester doing what I love.

Have a great April!


17 Memories // February 2017

Hello world,

Time for another flashback.
I’ve been back in Switzerland for two weeks. However, since I worked a lot and the weather was pretty back, I am using spare photos from the last two months in Heidelberg for this post.

Without further ado, here we go.

Here are 17 memories I made in February 2017:

1 For my most important exam, I studied in the library until 12am.

2 I took five exams well prepared.

I passed them all.

To celebrate my passed exams, I had two glasses of champagne at 5pm. Somehow, I managed to be tipsy at dinner to my dorm mates’ delight.

I signed up for second semester after having successfully finished my first semester at uni.

In celebration of our first semester being done, I inaugurated my fondue stove and pot with my uni friends. Everyone loved it.For our semester closing service at the dorm, I gave the sermon. Seldom have I received more compliments. I am not switching my major, though, even if the theologians really tried to convince me.

Initially, I ran a lot. I even broke my 5k record of two years.

Spontaneously, I booked my first solo trip to a country I have had a crush on for years.

10 I watched my first horror movie: The Shining. It was scary, but I made it through.

11 After injuring myself, I did a lot of other physical activities such as yoga, swimming, and HIIT workouts.

12 I am so organized this month: All bills are paid, all documents are organized, and I am on top of all my chores.13 I spent two wonderful days with my close friend and former dorm neighbor Sophia. We saw Midsummer Night’s Dream as a ballet, which was pretty great.

14 Going back to Switzerland simultaneously felt like leaving home and coming home.

15 I received my Swiss passport within 48 hours after applying for it: Swiss bureaucracy at its finest!

16 I gained a cousin.

17 After a busy month, I am ready for my next month of travelling.
I hope everyone had a great February.


17 Memories // January 2017

Hello world,

another month has flown by. Time to reflect back on it for a second. DSC02026DSC02020January is already over, and it’s truly been busy. I love being busy, though! I feel so much more accomplished all the time. Everything I take on, is something I enjoy doing and am passionate about. With all my interests, I wish every day was longer. I could easily find another week worth of hobbies. Outside it is getting warmer everyday; There is so much to do, so much to see, so much still out there. I keep getting more excited about this year and life in general.
DSC02056Here is 17 memories I made in January 2017:

1. I took a trip to Brussels.

2. Switzerland granted me citizenship. I wrote a blog post about it, which I am pretty proud of.

3. I started bullet journaling. Love it, love it, love it.

4. Spontaneously I booked a trip with my two best friends in late March, which I am so stoked about.

5. I started Outlander and fell utterly in love with Scotland.   DSC020446. I had a lot of coffee dates. (Or rather cake dates, because I still don’t drink coffee. Will I ever grow up to like it?!)

7. After two months of laziness, I started running again! It’s made me feel so much healthier already. Plus, I love catching fresh air and watching nature change.

8. For the first time in a while, I actually practiced my music regularly and often. I even enjoyed it.

9. I spent a lot of time with my dormies. I love them all.

10. I also took on more duties at my dorm, including the semester group photo. We took it in the greenhouse, which is also where these photos were taken. The light was insanely pretty.
DSC0202811. I read Shakespeare and Henry James. All hail me.

12. My uni friends and I hung out more. We saw La La Land. I’ve been humming the soundtrack ever since.

13. This last weekend I spent with my parents and brother, good food, and good views.

14. I played front row in my orchestra for our concert.

15. My new best friend’s leaving this past weekend had me get up at 5 am and miss her so very much.
DSC0206616. I kept up with my photo project. (I am dedicating every week of 2017 to a certain topic. It’s called 52 snaps – check it out!)

17. I had a really good, full, balanced first month of 2017.



Thanks for reading.