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Hello world,

I am back home in Switzerland and everything’s so pretty.
dsc00609I’ve learned through various trips in my past that leaving a place increases its appeal to me. Still, I was surprised by how stunned I was by Switzerland’s beauty upon returning to my sweet little hometown Bern.

It is just gorgeous. It is also expensive af and a tiny bit snoby, but oh how I love it. Three months in Heidelberg brought out my German side, but my Swiss side did not diminish in return. It is hitting me in full blast.
dsc00843dsc00847My father attended university in Heidelberg, too. He’s expressed regret about how he did not make the most out of his time there, in his opinion. Many things I did this first semester, he never got around to do — simple things such as hikes or touristy sights.

Being separated from Bern makes me feel similar: There are so many sights, trips and places I never saw or did during the 9 years I lived here, merely because I did not think them important enough.

Only a couple of kilometers from our house is this tremendous television tower on a hill, which I never climbed. The view is ridiculously beautiful and I feel ridiculous for not having seized it before.
dsc00629dsc00859The Bantiger and the Gurten pictured in this post are Bern’s local ‘mountains’ (or rather hills). To people living in Bern they stand for tv reception, a festival during July and a lot of sweat. Seldom do we realize how pretty they.

Bern may be boring to teenagers living there, but to a tourist it is (expensive) paradise. I am definitely considering becoming a tourist for a while during my semester break coming up soon to explore more of my picturesque hometown.



PS: Is carpe loco correct? I do not know Latin whatsoever. Anyways: Seize the place.

Thanks for reading.

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