Bright Yellow Amsterdam

Hello world,

I have finally have some photogenic stuff happening in my life.
DSC03779 DSC03883Two weeks ago I went to Amsterdam on my senior year trip with my classmates. We stayed for six days exploring the beautiful city on bikes, trams, and mostly by foot at 11pm on the quest for a location for 20 girls, partially underage, which everyone enjoys. We did not succeed until the last evening by which we had already caught a cold from the night walks before.
DSC04056 DSC03887Amsterdam was gorgeous, plus we had a great time. Even though their bicycles are frightening since they only have back pedaling brakes and everyone riding them is trying to kill you. I managed to trip and rip my brandnew pants–that was fun! Basically, Amsterdam is the place to marvel, shop, and quickly die at.
DSC04423 DSC04330We went to the sea one day, just three friends, the teacher, and I. It was a rainy, gray day with white spume dancing on the waves; a waffles with Nutella kind of day. Walking along the shore we talked about how strange it is that to some people the sea means warmth, sand between toes, and bonfires. To others it means windy cold walks, bundling up in beach chairs, and drinking hot cocoa afterwards. I love realizing how different all our lives have already been: so many different places and perspectives. We are all already knitting the stories we are going to tell one day.
DSC04285 DSC04296The other day at work this one resident said: “Isn’t it wonderful how many stories are compressed into this house!” (I work at an old people’s home.) Everything and everyone is made out of so many stories; untold stories, anecdotes rattled off too often, or secrets only confided to one special person. Wherever we go, whoever we meet, whatever we experience, it’s always a new addition to our story.

I hope mine is not too boring.
DSC03854When it comes to planning my stories: A second resident told me to avoid quarrel about money at any cost. A third simply told me o evade all unfaithful men, even if they’re handsome. Oh, and when I don’t know what to do I must only use the pendulum.

I must say, I have already knitted a bit. I’ve even used a couple of different colors already, which I am pretty proud of.
Amsterdam was a bright, happy yellow.


Thanks for reading.

PS: I don’t know how to knit.

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