#blogtober: What Makes Me Happy

Hello world,

I am here to show you some impressions from Berlin (my big big love I already miss so much again) and Norddeutschland aka Northern Germany. I am travelling with my mom and my brother for a week, and it’s awesome.
DSC05157bDSC05162bSooo, it’s still #blogtober and because I do not (I repeat: do not) do every day I thought I’d just choose a topic I want to write about. Meaning today I am talking about what makes me happy which is October 19th.

The most obvious thing that makes me happy is October. It’s my very favorite month due to all the things I love it includes. What makes me happy is red lipstick. Trench coats. Boots. Hats. Scarves. Blue Jeans. Hot cocoa with marshmallows swimming on the top. Fuzzy socks. Faux fur. Red clothes. Colorful leaves. A warm fire. Nostalgic music. Break.
DSC05166bWhat makes me happy is Christmas. Presents. Thinking about funny gift ideas. Seeing the reactions of the receiver. Carols. Cookie dough. The smell of a Christmas tree mixed with the smell of candles, sweets, and cinnamon. Fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Champagne glasses. New beginnings. Being done with first semester. Spring. Trips. The anticipation of the positive changes the next school year is going to bring. Easter. Chocolate. Summer break. Warm summer nights. Cool beer. Chlorine water. The warm sun on my belly while I am lying on my towel drowsing. Tan lines. Ice cream. Staying out late. Staying up late. New school supplies. The annual excitement on the first day of school.
DSC05232b DSC05209bWhat makes me happy is my friends. Having been friends with them for years. Insider jokes. Hugs. High fives. Laughing hysterically about stupid stuff with them. Annyoing other people with our nonsense. Being tired with them. Talking with them about my plans in life. Talking about how I have no clue. .
Harry Potter.
My grandmother’s food. Pictures from my time abroad. My blog. My room. Tortelloni. Lasagna. Chinese. Italian. The Italian language. Pizza. English language. Cheese. Bacon. Donuts. Guacamole. Fondue. Smoothies.
DSC05180b DSC05238bSeeing something stunningly beautiful and being able to catch it on camera. Lying in bed with Stracciatella gelato from Coop watching Grey’s Anatomy. Izzie and Alex’s wedding. Waking up too early and getting to drowse for a couple of minutes. Even better: waking up at 2am for no reason but being able to just fall asleep right away all snuggled up in warm blankets. Putting on new soft socks. Unexpectedly finding a song that perfectly describes my life sounding beautiful at the same time. Even better: randomly finding a person who knows the lyrics to that exact song and passonately and grossly singing it with that person.
DSC05249b DSC05222bThere’s so many things that make me happy, including travelling around with my mom and brother; trying black tortelloni with salmon, having to watch two gross premature teenagers make out on the train, seeing again friends I haven’t seen in five years.

I am happy person.


Thanks for reading.
DSC05235This picture makes me happy, too. Just so you all know. #nofilter #ohyeah

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