#blogtober: My Pet Peeves

Hello world,

this is my last October blog post. I guess I have neglected #blogtober a bit ,but to end the month I thought one last attempt would be nice.
DSC05434bDSC05442bOkay, let’s pretend it’s October 22nd and talk about pet peeves. I have a lot of pet peeves. I’d have to categorize them to list them all. Last year in the U.S. so many more joined the list.

Okay, so one of my pet peeves is doing laundry. I hate having to walk four stories downstairs with all my laundry just to find out that it doesn’t fit into our teenee tiny washing machine which isn’t American and thereby fragile and small. Then I have to remember to take out my laundry and hang it up, and of course there’s never enough space for all my stuff. Then I have to remember to take it all off. I have to fold it and take it upstairs. But in the end I am too lazy to put it in the shelves.

I hate doing laundry. Argh.

But I still do it because I want to feel grown up. Wow, I am so mature.
DSC05456b DSC05459bWhat annoys me even more than small washing machines are hicks. I find hicks slash rednecks slash ugly American patriots wearing ugly things very disturbing. I mean, come on, do you really think it’s attraktive? Because it’s not. It’s ugly. It tells everybody you’ve never left the country because if you had left God-bless-Murica-the-holy-country-with-loose-gun-laws, you would have realized that all about you is ridiculous.

And by the way I hate ignorance; people who think they know what other cultures are like but don’t. People who think their own culture is the only right way. Arrgh.
DSC05425b DSC05467bToo much syrup in an overpriced coke at McDonald’s. Smokers. Passionate anti-smokers. People who complain about politics but don’t go voting. Super tight pants which look saggy because the size of my legs doesn’t match the size of my waist. Being ignored. Text message conversations with a person who only writes one word or — the worst — “lol.” Pink camouflage crocs (I’ve seen terrible things in my life.). Sharing on Facebook. Liking something funny on Facebook and everybody sees it on their feed. Dirt under nails. Losing hair. Huge cleavages.

DSC05469b DSC05437bAnd my absolute biggest pet peeve. Are you even ready for this.

I hate when I talk to a Swiss Person and they switch from Swiss dialect to High German (proper German) because they think I might not understand them. Normally they talk very painfully; it makes me feel stupid, foreign, and annoying. I hate it so much. It’s another reason why I miss English so much. Actually it annoys me so much that I cannot hide it. People who know about that pet peeve of mine find it very amusing to watch my facial expression whenever it happens. Normally I make a slight stink eye, my lips are a hard line, and my tongue forms a bump from inside my cheek.


Okay, so there are my pet peeves. Grrr.

Two days from today it’s November. That means Christmas is getting closer, Jessa Duggar is getting married, and my brother will be turning eight years old. Exciting!


Thanks for reading.

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