#blogtober: My Dream Vacation

Hello world,

I am back from aaaall my trips this fall. How sad. But now I can enjoy all the fall vibes.
DSC05274bDSC05282bSo I wanted to share some more pictures from the beautiful Ostsee and at the same time do day 21 from #blogtober: my dream vacation. I thought that Topic would be approriate now that I won’t have a real vacation for – pretty much – half a year. I will have breaks, a camp, and a super short trip until I go to beautiful Namibia in spring.

My dream vacation is hard to define. In general I enjoy city trips more than beach vacations because I like doing stuff, seeing stuff, and trying stuff. Beach is nice but it’s a bit boring. So my dream vacation would definitely be in a city.
DSC05260b DSC05267bI have a bucket list. As you all know. But surprisingly there’s not one city on that list I would have as my dream vacation. I want to go to Rome and ride a vespa. I want to go to Copenhagen and eat Smørrebrød. But I also really want to go to New Zealand and have my breath taken away by its nature. Same with South America. And Africa. For now I am sorta done with the U.S. I am dying to go to Canada, though. I’ve seen g-ooo-rgegous pictures from friends’ visits to the Rockies with its turquoise lakes, foggy valleys, and endless landscapes. I’ve also seen beautiful photos from Santorini in Greece. And Desert Valley. And South Africa. And Egypt. And Thailand. India. Japan. Australia. China.
DSC05305b DSC05321bI’ve already been to so many beautiful places especially Minnesota, Berlin, England, Ireland and Sweden. I don’t think I can name one dream vacation, though. I love travelling but I’ve learnt from past experiences that “dream destinations” often aren’t what I expect them to be. It’s the places you didn’t even know they were that beautiful. Travelling requires some planning but the magical part about is what you didn’t plan. It’s discovering spots, people, cultures, and languages you fall in love with. I am so excited for the part in my life where I can return to the places I’ve fallen in love with, and turn from a tourist into a local.
DSC05360b DSC05362bAnd sometimes travelling means returning to places and falling in love with them again. And the people I thought I had lost touch with.

Travelling is a privilege, and I am very grateful I get to have that privilege as often as I do. But now I am ready to stay at home sweet home for a couple months and build up that Fernweh. Because that’s why my answer to the question “What’s your dream vacation” isn’t a world trip. I don’t want to do a world trip. How boring. So many places visited in so little time… no, I would get so sick of living out of a suitcase. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the places. So much money spent. And once you get sick of a place it’s hard to fall in love with it. So, no trip around the world for me. At least no consecutive. I’ll just spread it out on the many years I hope to spend on this world.


Thanks for reading.

PS: Shout out to my beautiful childhood friend Alisa. 3 months post-arrival will come soon. Pinky promise.

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