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we are in our house now. It is so beautiful and I am in awe of Ireland’s beauty.

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We arrived here yesterday evening. The house is a cute little stone cottage. On the inside it’s decorated a lot: there’s pillows, dolls, books, clocks, and more. Many of the decorations are marine inspired because the Atlantic Ocean is really close.



We live in a region called “Burren.” There’s many hills around it: they’re entirely made of rocks, and there’s no vegetation on them. But all the plains are green and are framed by the typical Irish stone walls. The animals are mostly cows – not sheep. My mom and I took a walk later that day. We saw the ocean and right when we were there, some sun rays came out of the clouds, and created that heavenly look. I stood there, the wind blew hard, and I felt blessed. Such beauty.

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Today we walked to a cemetry. That was really intresting. Does it make me a bad person if I admit I like visiting cemetries?! There’s so much history in those places. And for once it isn’t big, world changing history; it’s personal history. It’s normal people living and dying, leaving behind other people. All these people did something in their life; they all had passions, they all loved somebody. I saw many tombs from June 29th 1969 when the “New Quay Tragedy” happened: a boat sank and nine children drowned, including two sisters, 16 and 18. I feel very blessed to be alive.

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After the cemetry we went to the beach. For the first time in my life, I stood in the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn’t even that cold but very windy. Linus’ pants got so wet when he played in the water that we had to hold in the wind until it was dry enough to go out in public with it again. We went out for dinner to a seafood restaurant.

To be honest, in Dublin I was kind of scared I wouldn’t love Ireland as much as I expected to. Dublin is okay but it’s just another city. But our landlord was right: at the west coast, that’s where the real Ireland is at. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful. I know I’m repeating myself but I am so blessed to be here.


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