Being Privileged

Hello world,

a few thoughts on living my privileged life.
DSC03977bWe hosted a Namibian exchange student last week. It was quite an experience; a very different experience. She comes from such a different life where electricity and computers aren’t the norm. She didn’t talk much but when she talked she told us about dangerous hippoes and elephants.

I could go to Namibia in spring if I want to. I haven’t decided yet. I’ve been to America, and I’ve been to many European countries. They all have something in common: they’re first world countries.¬†We all worry about obesity, the newest iPhone, and where to put the leftovers because there’s already so much food in our fridges. I don’t know if I’m ready to go to a country where I’d have to encounter the silliness of 95% of my problems.
DSC04053Let’s sum up the biggest problems of my life right now: I feel nauseous because I had oral surgery on Monday. I didn’t have to pay for the surgery because my insurance is super good, and in two years I will have the most beautfiful teeth but I don’t like the feeling of having screws in my mouthroof.
I am annoyed because the process of me getting the job I applied for months ago, is taking forever. I was promised the job last week but I don’t have time yet to start working and making a lot money.
I don’t know what to study in university. There’s simply too many possibilities. And I am neither limited by money nor by location nor by anything else. I simply can’t decide.
I got my first insufficient grade of this year a week ago. It’s a very bad grade in Chemistry. I took Chemistry at my high school this past year, I simply had a bad day, and next test will be much better but I am annoyed because it doesn’t look good in my bulletin.
DSC03958I live in such a privileged world. I was born to a loving, stable family with academic parents who raised me in a good and respecting manner. I have two brothers. I’ve gone to good schools where I’ve been taught many things including three foreign languages, science, math, and respect towards my peers and teachers. I get to work with good equipment and learn about many current issues. Once I graduate I will have one of the best school diplomas there is. I have already travelled many places. I’ve had a lot of very good food in my life already. I have wonderful friends who influence me well. I studied abroad for a year. I live in a beautiful house. I have hobbies. I own a camera. I can say whatever I want to say. I can do whatever I want to do in my life. I can believe whatever I want to believe in.
I live in the richest country in this world.
I am pretty damn privileged.
DSC04054And that’s why I am scared to go to Namibia. I am scared I will be embarassed because I’m so damn privileged. I am scared I will feel terrible the whole expensive trip long. Though I can definitely afford the trip.
I am doing the trip. But I am scared. Scared because I live so privileged which is another stupid first-world-thing. The world will not be a better place if I don’t go.

But this whole thing is one of those occasions with which I would really appreciate some heavenly guidance.


Thanks for reading.

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