Austrian Breath in Italy

Hello world,

and another travel documentary of summer 2k15.DSC01827DSC01780 I went to the Expo Milano 2015; the world expo in Milan, Italy.

World’s fairs, later named to world expos, have been held since 1851, although they have greatly varied in character ever since. The telephone and the Eiffel Tower were first presented at world’s fairs, so were ideas of a better tomorrow and a better society. Since the 80s they’ve also been a nice opportunity for countries to advertise for their country and tourism.

Well, a couple of months ago a friend of mine semi-seriously asked whether anyone would come to Milan to visit the world expo since it will most likely not be this close to us for many years to come. So we went to the expo.
DSC01740DSC01785This expo’s topic was Feeding the planet, energy for life and most countries interpreted it rather liberally. Every participating country had a self designed pavilion. Some were very artsy such as the Korean one whose design was inspired by a teacup. Some were very informative such as the Brazilian one which was also very fun because it had a net to jump on. Some were very patriotic such as the Thai one who showed a 5 minute long clip about His Royal Highness The King and all his accomplishments. Some were quite cool such as the British one which was simply a humongous beehive. Some were just plain out stupid such as the Sudanese one who simply sold cheap touristy necklaces.
DSC01834 DSC01822Let me say, it was hot. Really hot. Like 100° Fahrenheit hot.

We found our favorite pavilion during midday heat: Austria. They had built a well air-conditioned and believable forest within their wall, including water atomizing fans.  We immediately fell in love and returned many times that day.
DSC01798DSC01737The expo not only made me realize that I am not made for extreme heat, it also showed me two things:

#1 I want to to travel a lot of the countries whose pavilions I visited.

#2 We are still doing so much sh*t to our food, our world, others and ourselves, although we know better.

I do it, too. Last week I wanted to cook my chicken and had to realize it smelled like rotten eggs and sulfur. In the trash can it went. What a waste. So much of what we do is such a waste. Food waste. Waste of energy. Waste of space. Waste of time. Waste of hate. The worst thing is: We know better. And that is NOT a waste of knowledge.
DSC01881 DSC01918My friend really liked the Swiss one (surprise, he’s Swiss). They had a stock of four “traditional” Swiss items. Nope, no chocolate happened. They didn’t want to do clichés. Instead they had coffee, salt, water aka water cups and a faucet, and dried apples. They told every visitor she could have as much as she liked but she should consider the visitors still to come and therefore consume sustainable.

Okay, I agree it was morally the most challenging one but COME ON who wants little cubes of salt? Nobody.
DSC01857We returned to Austria after the Swiss one. It really was my favorite.

Consume consciously. Breathe consciously. Be sustainable.


Thanks for reading.


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