A Surge of Creativity

Hello world,

I am seizing my fleeting surge of creativity in a swamp of impotence.
DSC06194DSC06163I have had quite a busy time. While I regret not having it documented well, I did enjoy taking a break from photography, blogging, and writing. Time has truly flown by and now I only have a couple of months left until I am graduating and embarking into the big, wide world trying to make important life decisions.

Let’s try to recap what I’ve up to since the last post on this blog:
DSC061391 I absolutely slayed my matura paper presentation. All the points. All the glory.

2 I applied for Swiss citizenship, which is very tedious, complicated, and expensive, but which will be worth the vote I am going to get.

3 I attended open house at Heidelberg University and realized that I really want to do something with English.

4 I saw Imagine Dragons live. That was pretty epic, although I was quite sick and was barely able to stand through it.
DSC061195 I passed my Cambridge Proficiency Exam. Now I am officially fluent on the highest English language level.

6 I spent the night of New Year’s Eve bleeding and bleeding, because I cut my foot on some glass. That was great. Not. Scarred for life.

7 I had some grad pictures taken by an American photography living in Zurich as part of her 30 Days of Beauty. Check them out here.
DSC062398 I had my wisdom teeth taken out, which was a pretty horrible experience. Thankfully it is now done with and I can have beautiful teeth as of Junish, by which, my orthodontist promised me, my braces will be gone.

9 I participated in an ambitious play and got the lead for the first time in my life. Yesterday we were sold out and a third of us had come down with the flu, which meant a lot of drugged actors collapsing backstage after pretending to be alive and kicking on stage.

10 I said hello and goodbye to many of my friends, who returned and departed with the change of semester.

11 I’ve been doing a lot of travel planning for 2016. It is going to be a great year. It already has been.
DSC06195I have been up to quite a lot of adventurous things, but I am excited to restart taking more pictures and documenting my thoughts. These photos were taken during a trip to the Oeschinensee Adina and I took this past Sunday. Looking through them I can still feel the warm sun and the incredible width; the main reason I’ve found the burst of energy to edit and post them: I want to reflect back on them and remember the great time we had.

Because there is quite the great time happening and ahead.


Thanks for reading.


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