A Scottish Sunrise

Hello world,

Let me tell you about that Scottish sunrise I witnessed while I was in Edinburgh, because it was magical.

In the beginning of March, I spontaneously decided to go to Edinburgh, Scotland. Basically, it was because of Outlander, although I had not even seen the second season at that point. One season of Sam Heughan was enough for me to go on my first solo trip. Sam Heughan makes me do all kinds of things.

The one thing solo travel truly gives you, is ultimate freedom. I love sunrises, but many trips with friends I was not able to witness any, because we were lazy or because I was not consequent enough. This time, I would not let anything stop me.

There is something very sacred about sunrises. We see a lot of sunsets, most of them without making the effort to look at them. Sunsets just happen everyday while we are doing other things. We are used to sunsets.

Sunrises are different. You have to make a conscious effort in order to witness a sunrise. They are rare, unpredictable, and pure. They are the light after a cold night, the promise of something new, a clean slate every morning.

I love sunrises.

For this specific sunrise, I got up at 5 am. It was dark and cold outside, and I had only slept a couple of hours. My roommates, who had been too lazy to join me, were snoozing next to me.

But I got up. Silently I got dressed, grabbed my camera, and headed out. The city was a ghost town, and I felt like I was the only person awake in the entire world. Quietly I made my way to the top without music, because I wanted to save battery, only listening to my breaths and steps.

At 6.35 am, I reached the top of Arthur’s Seat.

It was actually very windy and cold, which the pictures do not show. I sat down, pulled out my camera, and remained there for the next thirty minutes while the sky poured out.

The sunrise does not care, if anyone is going to watch it. It continues to be beautiful everyday anew, even if no one is there to witness it. On that morning, the sunrise was as lavish and stupendous as it could have been. It did not matter to the sunrise or anyone if I had got up to watch it, but it mattered everything to me.

His mercies are new every morning.

I want to encourage you to get up for sunrises. Don’t get me wrong: I am the ultimate sleepyhead with my current record set at 2.30 pm and 14 hours. If I allowed myself to, I could sleep through most of my life.

But that is not what makes your life memorable. Life is seized by getting up and doing things. It is fulfilled by taking the time to do the things that satisfy your soul. In my case that is sunrises. Hikes. Long conversations. Good tea. Books. Hugs.

Once in a while, just stop for a minute and appreciate the fact that you are alive. Stay in the car to listen to that one song. Close your eyes to feel the sun on your face. Lower the camera and breathe in deeply.


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