A New Color Scheme (Barça La Seconda)

Hello world,

welcome to my second post about my day trip to Barcelona a couple weeks ago when it was still summer enough to wear shorts.
DSC04658bDSC04650bAfter the Sagrada Famiglia we went to the Gaudi Park up on top of a hill overlooking the city. The view was breathtaking. In Barcelona the color scheme is so different from any city I’ve ever been to. Maybe it’s because it’s at the coast; maybe it’s because it’s mediteranean; maybe it’s because Gaudi practically gave birth to this city. Barcelona is not grey, black, and a bit green as cities usually are. Barcelona is blue. Red. Yellow. Brown. White. It has so many colors it looks like it came right out of an entertainment park. Then there’s plants everywhere, salty air, the smell of paella and churroz, and there’s street artists.
DSC04883bDSC04938bLemme tell you something about street artists… It’s always been on my bucket list to have my picture drawn. I’ve walked past so many street artists in my life not having the time and the willingness to give the money to actually do it. Well, I did it. And it was so fun. My friend Pascal and I pretty much laughed our heads off the entire time. A huge crowd formed around the artist. They laughed because we laughed and because the drawing was funnily accurate. We laughed because they laughed. It was pretty funny ten minutes.

The cartoon the artist drew might not be the most accurate thing ever. I think Pascal is 100% accurate but I wouldn’t neccessarily recognize myself. But I connect it with hilarious memories, one point less on my bucket list, and a gooood time. So far it has banished Robert Pattinson from my door to the top of my wardrobe which is quite the achievement. R.I.P. poster of Robert Pattinson which I received from my best friend Nicole for my 14th birthday while I was deep in my Twilight phase.
DSC04643bDSC04653bIn the evening we separated. Nadja and her brother plus her mom had to catch a plane in the morning whereas Pascal and I still had a day or so to go till we had to say goodbye to sunny Spain. The Train back to our Camping site was so crowded that he and I had to sit on the floor for 90 minutes. My leg fell asleep so many times it actually hurt. Also, Pascal blamed me for having spent too much money on churroz because we had gone to the wrong restaurant (I was hungry.). It was quite the amusing train ride back.

The next day I took the bus back to Swiiiisaland with my girls; everybody tan and tired.
I miss Spain.


Thanks for reading.

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