A Kinda Really Great Tiring Weekend

Hello world,

just a quick update on all the wonderful things which have happened over the last week.

I got a job.
I got a job.
I got a job.

I now work at an old people’s home where I prepare breakfast and tea every other week. I interact with the elders and “spread some young spirit.” Lemme just say this job is everything I’ve hoped for: It is an actual job with a good salary, steady times, work clothes, and a contract. It is not even that time consuming. It’s not even that exhausting. It’s rewarding.

I got a job after having written applications for moooonths. Namibia can come. I am ready.
DSC05886cDSC05891cThis Monday was Zibelemärit. It is a unique Bernese thing: half the town gets up super early to throw confetti and buy candy. Zibelemärit means onion market. Farmers from all around the town bring around 50 tons of onions and garlic. It’s nicely braided and decorated and then sold at one of the many boots at the Zibelemärit. Actually this year there were more onions sold than ever before: 59 tons and 922 kilos. Talk about bad breath.
DSC05892bI did some research but I could not find the origin. All I know is that the highlight is supposed to be the confetti battle later in the afternoon at the tme when I was sitting at school. Hrmph.
DSC05897b 141122_Fotowall_Darwin_Nicole_Darwin_Hansen_183So, here’s some people to sum it up. It was mine and Lolo’s first Zibelemärit. She’s from the French part of Switzerland and we were both pretty impressed. (By the way: ain’t she cute.)

On Friday I also went to a concert in Zurich with some friends. We saw Milky Chance, Lo&Leduc, Nicole Scherzinger (she definitely lowered the IQ in the room with 13,000 people) and Olly Murs. Olly Murs was kinda really great.
The whole weekend was kinda really great.
And kinda tiring.
But there’s not time for sleep. I’ve got so much awesome stuff to do!


Thanks for reading.

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