Please, Grow Up

Hello world,

surprise: I am an adult now.
DSC02133 DSC02285I turned 18 on July 22 in Venice, Italy, celebrated by my family who were all looking forward to my 18th birthday, too, mainly my parents because they now are not responsible anymore.
However, I don’t really feel any different. I’ve been bombarded with letters by insurances, banks and companies who all want to sell me their stuff now that I’m old and responsible enough.

Nevertheless, turning 18 is basically the biggest and last step you take in Switzerland. As of now I can be sent to prison, drink everything, drive all kinds of vehicles and sign all kinds of stuff.
DSC02245 DSC02144Venice was pretty great. I recommend everyone to go there, flee from the tourists and stroll around in some of the less traveled roads and alleyways.

This year my family for the first time split up for our trip. In the past we had always gone somewhere for two weeks every summer. We’ve been to pretty amazing places: Sweden, London, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and more. But as the years went on every year as the trips went on, we would get more and more annoyed by each other. The first week was always great but in the second we would start to argue. We are all different, and we love each other for our individual traits we have. Being so close to each other is still difficult to cope with.
DSC02196 DSC01973As a result we decided for this year to only spend one week together. My parents left earlier with my youngest brother. My younger-older brother (the sandwich kid) and I joined them in Venice after a week home alone.

It was really great. We could actually appreciate each other. We did not have time to get annoyed by each others’ personalities. We spent seven great days in a wonderful city.
DSC02530 DSC02117Now that I am an adult I can do everything I want. Everything legal. I could move out. I could also get kicked out. I would be fully responsible for a kid if I had one. I could get a huge stupid back tattoo.

But I don’t have to.

I think it’s great to grow up slowly and in the constant effort to adjust and change things if that makes the situation better. One by one. I don’t want to move out right now. Firstly, I want to learn how to stop losing my keys, live home alone for a week, plan my own trip and remind myself to hang up the laundry.
Thank God, I don’t have to move out right now. What a humongous pile of work that would be.

DSC02156 DSC02097I am grateful turning 12, 16 or 18 never meant having to be responsible. Every time it was me who decided what I wanted to be. It was always and still is and will continue to be a process of adjustments and gradual change. I am grateful I can still freak out when seeing a wasp and tell my dad to hold my foot supportingly while the dentist tortures me.

I am grateful I can decide when I want to grow up. I am grateful nobody forces me to pleeease, grow up. 

I am in the process of growing up, don’t worry. I might get there, eventually. Or maybe not. Maybe the process never stops.


Thanks for reading.

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