The Green Island // Dublin

Hello world, I am in Ireland! The Country I’ve been dreaming about for years.

DSC02756b DSC02732

To see some more of England we took the train from London to Holy Head port. I am so glad we did: I fell even more in love with England. Now I don’t want to live in London anymore; I want to live in one of those cute villages with breathtaking nature, culture, and real British people surrounding it.


The ferry to Dublin was nice, too. We’ve been on a bigger ferry before when we went to Sardegna. But with only three hours this one was a lot shorter. When Ireland was visible, my mom and I got so excited. Ever since I gave a presentation about Ireland in 7th grade, I’ve been wanting to go to the “Green Island.”


We checked in at our hotel: Trinity College and went to a pretty cool place to eat. I had fish and Chips – they were so good! We walked through Dublin: it’s a very pretty place. Reminds a bit of Hamburg. There’s a lot of water, pedestrian areas, and not that many people.

DSC02859 DSC02867

The next day we went on a Viking city tour. We sat in a yellow car/bus/boat, had to put on a helmet, and scream at the Celts aka pedestrians from time to time. We saw a lot of Dublin. My impression had been correct: it is a small city compared to London. It has 500.000 inhabitants. But it seems very young, green, and fresh.

OOTD Freitag

DSC02908b DSC02905bDSC02909bDSC02904b

DSC02901bOOTD Freitag 2

Once again I have an OOTD for you. Today marked the first time wearing my dungaree. I had been looking for a good one for weeks and finally found one in London. I just love the casual yet fashionable look. It does a tomboy Flair but I think the tight shorts make up for that.

Dungaree from Primark
Hogwarts t-shirt from Primark
Oxford flats from Journeys
Earrings from Primark
Baret from Forever 21

Tomorrow we’ll go to the west coast. I am excited. Dublin was cool but I did like London a bit better. It’s wilder. I like that about Berlin, too.


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    1. Jap :p ich bringe jassy eins mit – als kleine Wiedergutmachung, dass sie nicht da sein konnte ;)

  1. Your fashion sense is hip and your pictures are great. I look forward to seeing more of your trip around Europe.

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