In Need of a Baobab Tree

Hello world,

let’s all take a moment of peace in midst all these terribly stressful weeks and look at a Baobab tree; a holy tree in western Namibia. DSC09575 DSC09595Thanks for that.

I don’t want to seem like a mood swing-ey teenager who goes from “Life’s been good” to “WHAT IS MY LIFE,” but oh my lanta, it’s been terrible.

Don’t get met wrong. I am still happy somewhere there deep down buried under sleep deprivation, stress, and anticipation for this semester to stop. While everybody is celebrating their graduation, or simply their first day of summer break, on Facebook, I am trudging the last couple of meters to my 11th grade’s finish line. The last years it always felt as if Pentecost was just the last stop before summer break, as if it was just a stone’s throw away from that wonderful last day of school.

Nope. Not this year.This year these last weeks are killing me slowly.
DSC09729DSC09775Some explanation: In Switzerland, students have a lot of subjects. To make graduation physically possible, all the science classes (biology, physics, geography, chemistry) are finished off in 11th grade, meaning the grades we get in this year count for our graduation GPA, meaning the tests we write in these highly study intensive classes are pretty important. Meanwhile there’s a ton of other teachers who all feel the need to do as diversified testing as possible. We get to do oral, grammar, and vocabulary tests, presentations, papers and participation exercises; all of which to “boost” our grade. Plus, it is rule at our school we must have as many tests in a subject as lessons a week. Since I have 38 lessons a week that rule sucks. DSC09814DSCI want to go back to Etosha National Park where Flora and I just ran towards the horizon, hand in hand, peaceful, feeling cinematic.

You know that level of stress when you feel the need to laugh because your situation is risibly horrible? I experienced that yesterday when I had to memorize 800 vocabulary words by heart. I did not succeed. Whatever. There is also a level of stress when you simply refuse to spend your time and energy anymore.

I like school. I really do. I like learning. I especially like learning English and Italian. I like spending time with my friends because I can then spend the evenings on my bed watching a movie without feeling anti-social. I like achievements. I like progress.

I also like summer break. DSC09713DSC09982So let’s end this post on a more positive note. I only have seven days of school left. I am looking to (a) being done, and (b) doing cool stuff such as a triathlon (I am still training!), sleeping (a lot), reading (still doing my BBL!), and visiting awesome cities which you will see on da blog. DSC09650It’s weird how different our cultures are. Europe is such a dynamic, yet stressful continent. Everyone is always busy. Everyone is always tired. Namibia is different. How ridiculous that our society once thought to be superior.


Thanks for reading.

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