Some Thoughts on the Harry Potter Generation

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welcome to the second part of my Winter Wonderland Schwarzwald picture series.
DSC07779DSC07772I officially signed my first work contract the other week. I for the first time paid into my pension fund. Dear 65 year old Layla, you already have 30 bucks to spend on ice cream for your grandkids. Let’s hope in 2061, when I am planning on retiring, the world will still be somehow alright. In Geography this week we talked about the energy revolution which will be happening around 2050 when the world will hopefully have transitioned from nuclear and fossil energy to renewable. We calculated our ecological footprint on which tells you how many planets we’d need if everybody lived like you. It’s basically impossible to get exactly or less than one earth.

We still have a lot of work to do.
DSC07742DSC07691In Biology we talked about genetic engineering and how maybe one day doctors will be able to cure many more diseases using genomes, bacteria, and genetically manipulated stuff. (We haven’t gone totally into depth about the scientific details.) At the same time the Swiss population pyramid resembles a mushroom; too many baby boomers, too little Harry Potter generation children who can’t possibly enable all the baby boomers to get as much pension as they deserve to receive after years and years of work.

I wonder how we will manage all of that. Will the Harry Potter generation have a ton of energy revolution kids? Or will we have even less children? How will the expectancy of life develop because half of all those kids who grew up with Harry Potter, hashtags and Miley Cyrus will turn 100 years old. Is that a good thing after all the terrible things our kind’s has done to our planet?DSC07689DSC07801Let’s end this post on a bit more cheerful note: we’ll manage. I watched a movie from the medieval yesterday and, boy, did life suck back then. How interesting how our society and world has (been) developed ever since then. It will develop more, some things will get destroyed and forgotten, but after all things will turn out somehow.

I am excited how our story will continue.


Thanks for reading.

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