The Sailor And The Storm

Hello world,

today is the day to take a step back. Let’s all do that. *takes step back*
DSC07469DSC07456I’ve been doing a lot of serious photography posts for the last weeks. That’s awesome. But it’s not what this blog is only about. This blog is not one of those “I’m going to be all professional and stuff.”
Nah, let’s not go there.
This blog is a reflection of what mood I am, what interests me, and what I want to talk about. I am not going to limit it to fancy photography only. Which is why I am doing an outfit post today. Yes, I am going to smash some narcissistic pictures of me in yo face.
You are so welcome.
DSC07475 DSC07447I’ve been in a strange mood lately. It’s the calm after the storm when all the sailors are absolutely exhausted and just want to sleep. They’re happy because they made it through the storm; because they were stronger than nature for once more. Unfortunately the storm returns. Much smaller but it is the same storm. All the sailors, though, do not have the energy or motivation to fight it. They’d rather sleep and have some of the tackling destroyed for which they fought so hard for than get up and fight the last pathetic bits of a mighty storm.
DSC07452Let’s hope I find the motivation and strength to fight those last bits of that tiring storm like that mini wave Italian test I have this week. Two more weeks and I can take a break from all that fighting.


I went all out on editing these pictures. Sorry not sorry. On the first one you can – for once – see my tooth gap which I’m sporting for the next two months and have been for a couple of weeks.


Oh, I actually want to show you guys something. Let’s all take the step forward again.
*takes step forward*
DSC07530 DSC07558The results from my, um, fourth or fifth photo session? I’ve sort of worked out the light (sort of), but now the pics tend to be grainy. Plus, I found out The Thing With Star Trails is actually camera movement. I bought a tripod this weekend but it doesn’t seem to be heavy enough, or maybe the wind is too strong.

And so we return to the windy storm and the photography obsessed sailor.

Thanks for reading.

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