Just Keep Trying, Trying, Trying

Hello world,

welcome to my second attempt to get some decent night photography shots.
DSC07341DSC07420So, let’s do this. After last session I did some more research. Or rather instead of admiring heavily edited astrophotography pictures on Pinterest, I actually googled for tutorials. Plus, I consulted my omniscient colleague Pascal The Great.

The most obvious option to improve my very dark and slightly disappointing results of Tuesday night (four bearable pictures out of a hundred is a quote I can’t accept) was to turn up the ISO. So I did. But I had to discover that street lamps exist. They exist, and they are terribly orange and grainy on pictures with a high ISO.

So I ran.

I fled from all the orange street lamps to a pitch black place where I put my camera on the ground to get some steadiness.
DSC07361DSC07404Basically, I still have to find out two more things for my nice star photo: I need to find out how to focus to infinity with a camera that can’t focus to infinity, especially in a pitch black environment where there’s nothing to focus on manually, and I need to get a bigger tripod in order to have steady pictures. And save my camera from a heavy cold.

What I did for this post is mostly night photography, not star photography. Give me some more time for that one, peeps, because I also have to wait for clear and non stressful nights in order to even have a chance to get shots.
DSC07379I hope you’ve all had a good start in 2015. So far I have always remembered to put the 5 instead of the 4, let’s see how that and my New Year’s Goals will come along.

I noticed I haven’t wished you all a wonderful, beautiful, stunning 2015 yet. So, here it is:

I wish you all a wonderful, beautiful, stunning 2015 with many wonderful, beautiful, stunning moments.


Thanks for reading.


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