My New Year’s Goals

Hello world,

I know, I said no more Christmas pictures but there’s only one or two.
DSC06748DSC06677So today I am here to talk about my new year’s resolutions. Or let’s say new year’s goals – that sounds more accomplishable. One of my new year’s goals is to take more pictures just like these last couple of days and I am so excited to do so with my new lense which I received on Christmas Eve. Honestly, I was already perfectly content before. Some things I don’t know how deeply I missed them in my life before they step into my life. My Santa baby is from Tamron (AF 3,5-6,3/18-200 Di III VC). It’s gorgeous.

Goal #2 is to cut my stress. I can’t not go to school but I want to make everything as least stressful as possible. I want to stick to my limits and respect them, and I don’t want to saddle myself with commitments I can’t or don’t want to handle. On the other hand I want to stay motivated to do the things I want to do, for example going to Namibia in the spring.
DSC06791DSC06711Goal #3 is to travel, travel, travel which also goes with my first goal. I want to keep moving, keep exploring, keep discovering. What a blessed girl I am to know that this goal is going to be accomplished.

Goal #4 is to sleep more. I am very busy, so it’s really hard for me to get eight hours every night but seven hours are possible if I didn’t love movies, Pinterest and YouTube so much. Sleep is incredibly important; it makes me feel so much healthier, fitter, and overall just better. Plus, I need to be (relatively) well rested to get through a weekend’s work shift. Taking a nap on the afternoon is sorta inefficient.
DSC06715 DSC06733My fifth and last goal is to write my matura paper. Well, I will have to do that anyway. Let’s rephrase that: I want to make the process of writing my matura paper as pleasant as possible. I want to stay passionate about my topic, I want to organize it well, and in the end I want to be satisfied with the outcome. The only right way to do it is to combine all the other goals (um, the first one might not be that important but it relaxes me, plus I want to have good pics in my paper, so whatever, it makes a good punch line).

Let’s do this.

And let’s not take this whole thing of making new year’s resolutions too seriously. There’s a reason I only put down goals I know I can accomplish and I will accomplish.

Happy New Year’s Eve!


Thanks for reading.

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