As The Frost Came To Glaze The Land

Hello world,

woah, another post within two days – what is going on.
DSC06230 DSC06255So today we got as close to a white Christmas as we will this year. When I got up this morning to pay a visit to my dearly beloved orthodontist I thought for a minute it had snowed over night.

Of course it had not. This is Switzerland. Not Minne-snow-ta.

The roofs, the grass, the plants, and the ground were glazed with a thin sugar coat.
DSC06184 DSC06205So, let’s turn up the Christmas music. Let’s wrap up presents. Let’s put on our ugly sweaters. Let’s light the candles. Let’s watch “Home Alone,” “Grinch,” and “Elf.” Let’s be merry.

Does this count as a white Christmas although everything was gone five hours later? It does, doesn’t it? Please say, it does.
DSC06218 DSC06257Last post was about light, darkness, and stuff like that. This post is about large apertures. About blurriness, macro, and stuff like that. I love me some misty backgrounds. Pascal The Great would probably say it makes everything look cheesy and hipster.
Oh well.

See y’all for my Christmas post.


Thanks for reading.

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