Rendez-Vous After Halloween

Hello world,

welcome to November; the month inbetween my two favorite months.
DSC05503bOctober was indeed very beautiful this year. I especially enjoyed sitting in my room at my desk because at around five o’clock the sun would shine right into my window in all its glory. The moment of warm orange light combined with white curtains and a blue sky never took longer than ten minutes. A short and sweet moment everyday. I did indeed got the best room in the new house.
1958246_884415431582748_7470439905251187677_n 10416603_884415464916078_3695876767005623355_nSo yesterday was Halloween. Halloween isn’t really a big deal in da cheese country but I, plus a British friend, were determined to not let the nonexisting Swiss enthusiasm bring us down. Nope, we pulled through it, and dressed up. I piled make-up on my face for about an hour while Jessi struggled with the fake blood. After that we went to a party which was supposed to be Halloween-ey but — surprise — it was pretty lame. Like really lame. But we had a good time, and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty proud of my costume slash make-up. I am not proud of the quality of these pictures, though, exsqueeze me.

And for those people who can’t see the genius behind all that eyeliner: I was a cartoon character inspired by Roy Liechtenstein. YouTube made me do it.
DSC05508DSC05511DSC05512Tonight I went to an event in Bern called Rendez-vous am Bundesplatz at the Bundeshaus which is the parliament building of Switzerland. They do this event every year: it’s a show projected on the Bundeshaus. It normally doesn’t really have a normal storyline because it’s mostly about vibrant colors and cool images. The indigo blue sky with stars is done every year but this time around they also had some pretty colorful parts. It all circled around the topic of time and what things areĀ important enough to spend it on. Of course they had to include a corny love fragment but I loved how they incorporated children. You can’t really see it but they were exact enough to place every child on the edge of a stone.
DSC05523DSC05528bThen came my favorite part: a light blue with paint splatters and then — aaaah — analog film strips which rolled and turned around the Bundeshaus. It was beautiful. I wish my job was to create something as beautiful as that which inspires other people. Hm, let me rephrase that: I wish I was creative enough to think of projecting art on a political building and talented enough to do it.

Well, I went to Halloween in American-holiday-ignorant-country Switzerland dressed up as a cartoon character and used a party as an excuse for it; a party I found very lame because on our way to it we got stuck in the unlit train for 15 minutes, plus we had to walk across a soggy and cold meadow in order to getĀ to the party. I am definitely talented and creative. Yay me.


Thanks for reading.

PS: Aaaaah, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald got married today. Yes, I follow 19 Kids and Counting — so excaaated foar dem (= my attempt of a Southern accent).

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