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Hello world,

I thought it’d be fun if I participated in #blogtober14. Well, don’t expect me to blog everyday but I will definitely get inspired by their writing prompts.
DSC05066bI searched “blogtober” on pinterest (my user name is Layla Koch by the way) and found a list of some pretty cool writing prompt. Today is October 2nd, so I am going to use the second one – duuuh – and write about my dream job when I was little.

Okay, so I was sort of a weird kid. I absolutely hated to have my hair brushed, but I loooved pink so much I painted my whole room that color. I also didn’t want to become a teacher, or a doctor, or a circus director, or a primaballerina.

I wanted to become a midwife.
DSC05080bDSC05115bYes, a midwife. I wanted to be one of those “push, push, honey”, “it’s a booooy” ladies in pink who hold women’s hands and stick their own hands in…

Okay, I was actually interested in it. I thought the whole process of a life being born was fascinating. I was obsessed with babies, pregnancy, the idea of a love adding up to a new being. I liked the job of the midwife because it is such an ancient profession which supports women in the most vulnerable, hardest, and most beautiful moments of their lives. Working with women seemed great to me. (Women are sort of awesome.) I also liked the side of the job which ressembled the work of a social worker. Midwives often help with difficult familial situations; pregnant teenagers, postpartum depression, and so on.

I still sort of like the job.
DSC05083bI wanted to become a midwife until I was fourteen and realized that I hate Biologie. And Chemistry. And science in general. And unfortunately, as midwife is a medical job, being interested in biological processes is important. And I am not interested in anything that is biological, or chemical.
I wish I was. I would feel so much more feminist if I was interested in stereotypical manly things.
DSC05091bDSC05111bRight now I have no idea what I want to be. Isn’t weird how as a child you know exactly what you are going to do with your life. I knew what I wanted to be. I knew where I wanted to study. I knew when I wanted to get married. I knew how I would name the three children I was going to have.

Once those things get closer, you have no clue. (And I am not even talking about the kids one. I am talking about what I want to do with my life.) I don’t know what I want to study. I don’t even know the direction. I don’t know what job I want to have. I don’t know what work environment I want to have. I don’t even know whether the city I’ve been wanting to study in for yeaaars, is actually what I want.

I guess I’ll figure it out.

Checkered cardigan by Forever 21
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Tank top by Forever 21
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Earring by Journeys
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Bracelets from friends & events
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