Riding Lions In Barcelona (Barça La Prima)

Hello world,

I am back home! For like… 24 hours.
DSC04874bI went to Barcelona on Friday with two of my best friends plus the mother and brother of one of them. I took a bazilion pictures, and because this is my photo/travel blog I am having a really hard time leaving any of them out. Sooo, I’ll just make two Barcelona posts. Today comes the first one, and I think I’ll save the second one until all my other trips are through which will be in about two weeks. Yes, I still have two weeks of fall break. It’s amazing. And I am going to do so many cool things which I cannot wait for starting tomorrow.
DSC04594bDSC04609We left for Barcelona at 9am on Friday. Our camp site was near Cambrils which is almost two hours away from Barcelona. It’s also at the coast and really beautiful but Pascal, Nadja, and I were dying to visit Barça. We took the train which had — how very Spanish — a delay of 35 minutes. Once in the city we bought a metro ticket and started ticking off sights.

Although we saw the big tourist attractions like the Sagrada Familia, the Guell Park, and las Ramblas, for me it’s more important when visiting a city to catch its atmosphere instead of trying to see everything. I went to Paris in 8th grade, and we just ran from attraction to attraction having gotten only two hours of sleep in the bus the night before. Now I don’t associate Paris with all the beautiful things we saw but I associate it with exhaustion, stress, and bad smells.
DSC04863bDSC04921bNow I try to do it differently whenever I am in big cities. We were actually planning on seeing 2-3 sights and then going shopping but instead we just took our time, walked a lot, went to markets, tried all kinds of food, and took many pictures. I’ll put Park Guell in the second post but Barcelona is the most colorful city I’ve ever been to. It reminded me of how I imagine South America — if that’s a thing; the narrow alleys, the flat roofs, the sand castle like church, the port, the street artists everywhere, laundry blowing in the wind — all of this makes Barcelona to the beautiful and different city it is.
DSC04685DSC04728 DSC04770 DSC04788DSC04817DSC04821
DSC04827bI was also blessed to experience this city with two of my best friends who happened to be in Spain at the same time. We had so much fun all day long. This lion was at the port, and we all climbed it but I had difficulties getting back down because I am scared of heights and not really coordinative. As soon as I expressed my struggle, Pascal came up to help me down, and Nadja spread her arms to catch me if I fell (I doubt she could actually catch me thought). I just love this picture: it shows me in my usual stumbly self and at the same time how my friends try to self me from myself as usual.

Friends are something awesome.
DSC04903bIMG-20140926-WA0005Almost at the end of the day we went to this market called La Boqueria. There everything was super fresh. They sold tons of fish including octupi, crabs, and some unidentifiable glibber, meat including sheep brain, cow tongue, and guts — everything smelled very fresh and salty. We all bought a fruit smoothie, strolled through La Boqueria, and tried suppli: a ball of rice with tomato sauce and mozzarella. That’s how I love my vacation: strolling, eating, and the day after that I got to lie at the beach again and tan. There’s a sunrise post coming your way — we got up at 7am to admire God’s Beauty.


Thanks for reading.

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