Enjoying Some Circus Air

Hello world,

so I went to the circus this week. It was awesome.
DSC03854bDSC03858bI hadn’t been to the circus in a very long time. I think the last time was around five years ago. I remember huge elephants, the smell of hay and animals, men wearing fancy uniforms, and candy. Two weeks ago I watched “Water for the Elephants” – Robert Pattinson is so darn sexy -, and when I saw the circus (“Knie” is the Swiss national circus – it comes to Berne every year) in town, I convinced my best friend to go with me. We bought the cheapest tickets on a Wednesday night on a rainy day. I wore my overall, bought a lollipop, and watched every act with big, deeply impressed eyes.

It was so good.
DSC03872bI find it very intresting to see things I experienced as a child out of an older point of view. It shows you how much impressions and therefore memories are influenced by the people you were with, and the mood you were in. I loved loved loved the show but it was also different. Not only did I worry about smudging my lipstick, eating too much sugar, and dropping my cell phone under the seats, I also wondered about the conditions these animals might live in, the work which every act must have cost, the life these people have…

Getting older is weird. Sometimes I wish I was Peter Pan. But my whole childhood all I wanted to do was grow up and become an adult. Even now, I can’t wait to get older. Be eighteen. Move out. Get a degree. Have my own flat. Make good money. Be respected on all levels.
DSC03820bIt is a silly thing to do: we will all get older anyways. I will turn eighteen. I will move out. If I work hard, I will get a degree, and do all the cool things I want to do.
But I won’t get any younger.
Right now is the youngest I will ever be.
Poof, it’s over and I am older.
But I am still the youngest I will ever be.
Time does not stop. Shouldn’t we therefore always enjoy what we have right now.

Poof, I sound like a therapist again.
DSC03879bIt’s funny how much we enjoy memories and plans. I am 100% guilty as well: looking at old pictures, and making lists (see my last post) are two of my hobbies. If you think about it, it’s ridiculous.

I love my life right now. I have hilarious, caring friends who I can hang out a lot with. I am also in the progress of making new amazing friends. I totally enjoy school, and it seems like I’ll be ok grades-wise. I have an awesome family. I am about to get a job. I have time to do sports. I am still in contact with my American host family who are starting school on Tuesday. On weekends I have time to decide whether I want to go out and stay out late (like last weekend), or watch “Grey’s Anatomy” and listen to music (this weekend).

I love my life, and I know that sooner than later I’ll be longingly looking back on it instead of enjoying my new situation.
DSC03847bSo, I guess I just want to try and enjoy my life. Although I think I am already doing a pretty good job. I mean; I am writing a blog entry on how awesome the circus was.
Yeah, high five to myself.

This week tests are starting. I have Chemistry on Thursday, and an essay on Tuesday. Life’s started again.
And I am loving it.
And my English teacher would kill me for that sentence.


Thanks for reading.

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