If I Had Nothing to Do I’d Do Nothing

Hello world,

welcome to my Wednesday post on a very busy Wednesday in the beginning of a very busy semester.
DSC03734So, as you all know, I am back in school. Tomorrow is the ninth day of my eleventh year of (counting) school. I’ve said before that Swiss schools are hard and I was not joking. My schedule for this year makes me be at school every morning at 8am; sometimes until freaking 6pm. I have so many classes; English, German, French, Italian, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, and if that wasn’t enough I even have more classes called Geography lab, Chemistry lab, and a crossover of German, Psychology, and Pedagogy. I have 2-4 tests a semester in every class plus presentations plus homework plus participation plus vocabulary.

And the problem is: I want to do even more.
DSC03755bSwiss schools might not understand but I actually have a life outside of school. Outside of break it’s almost filled up by homework and stress, but I also try to cram in some sports, some hobbies, and some jobbing. Right now I have volleyball practise once a week, perhaps some dancing and kickboxing each once a week, as soon as I have my job I’ll try to work at least five hours a week as well, and all my time at home I enjoy my hobbies. Well, at least the times when I’m done with homework (or too lazy to do it), or not too exhausted.
Right now my hobbies consist of photography, movies, YouTube, youth group, and some occasional reading.

Oh, and I am girl, so I have to shave, shampoo, plug, put make-up on, think about outfits, and try not to stink on top of everything else.
DSC03761bIf I had all the time of the world, I’d do so much more. I would join Drama Club. I would play more volleyball. I would read “Fifty Shades of Grey” (I’ve waiting for months to read that book). I would join a dance course with my best friend. I would write a blog post every day. I would take Long walks. I would pick up jogging again. I would see my friends everyday. I would lie next to the pool all day and sunbathe.
Well, we’d have to have good weather for that last item.

The sad thing is: I don’t do all the things in break when I have the time. I don’t do anything.
DSC03736I am a person who works the best with a tight schedule. I love being busy. I enjoy running from one thing to another all day long, come home, and feel accomplished. I study the best when I have little time.Yes, I am happier when I have a lot going on.

That’s why I am actually very happy school’s started again. I might not come back until 7pm on Monday but I always feel accomplished. It might suck not to go home after school on Thursday but instead get tortured in volleyball practise but after it I feel so good. It’s always worth it.

Except sometimes when I overwork myself. That happens. I try to avoid it. After a long day I love not doing anything.
And don’t worry: I enjoy Saturdays.
DSC03689bConfessing all of this, I feel like nerd. I guess I am one to a certain degree. Well, I go to Swiss school and sort of enjoy it – I have gotta be a nerd. I should get nerdy glasses.

I took this pictures last Saturday.
Next time I have nothing to do (which actually won’t happen that soon), I’ll try to take a lot of blog pictures.


Thanks for reading.

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