Our Own Good vs Society’s Good

Hello world,

so this is my first “self made” fashion post aka I took all the picture by myself – like a real Blogger.
DSC03529bI am doing a church camp this last week of summer break. We organize workshops and a show for the kids – it’s really fun. I am responsible for the movie workshop: Today we made a thriller and it was beautiful. I had the evening off, and went on a little walk after dinner. I was planning on going to the Aare, our river, but instead used the bridge and railway station as a background – the weather wasn’t that great.
DSC03540bA couple weeks ago I got a job. It’s not all sorted out yet, but soon I’ll be making money again. And – because I love lists – I’ve already listed all the things I want to buy. My brother is constantly trying to convince me to buy some decent headphones. I need a curling wand, too. Of course I’ll buy clothes. I would love, love, love to buy Doc Martens. The burgundy ones. Haaaaaa.

We are such a consuming society.
DSC03543bThat is what bothers me about a lot of youtubers and bloggers: they own so much stuff. Can you even imagine how much make-up MIchelle Phan must have bought during her life?! What about Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters: I adore her style, but she has so many clothes. I know I am contradicting myself because I was just dreaming about useless things.

I head about a challenge the other day: the 100-things-challenge where you have to live with only one hundred things including clothes, furniture, make-up, books…

I could never do it. I wish I could. I should also become a vegetarian. And volunteer. And donate.
DSC03560bWell, what’s more important: society’s good or your own good?

Um, whatever, this was supposed to be a fashion post, nothing more.

Aztec Leotard from Charlotte Russe
Highwaisted jean shorts from Ragstock
Necklace from Primark
Oxford flats from Journeys


Thanks for reading.

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