17 Memories // May 2017

Hello world,

this is May 2017: an insanely active month for me. So many cool things, but boy, am I tired.

Here are 17 memories I made in May 2017:

1. I utterly fell in love with Swedish.

2. Having taken far too many courses for uni, I read and studied a lot this month but managed to stay on top of it.

3. I physically prepared very well for my race: I did not drink alcohol for two weeks beforehand, trained sufficiently but not too much, and slept a lot.

4. Irregardless, I got sick five days beforehand.

5. Running that race was a good decision,  even if I had to stop after 10k. I would have regretted not even trying.

6. Since the race was in Bern, I got to spend some time with some lovely friends and my family.

7. Following up, I took a break from running and played a lot of volleyball instead.

8. I gave some good presentations.

9. On two occasions this month, I got all fancy.

10. During Ascension, I visited Berlin.

11. I experienced Obama live from a ten meter distance.

12. One of the most exhausting days of my life consisted of my alarm clock at 6am, 300.000 fellow sufferers, 35° Celsius, a heavy sunburn, 4h walking, and a 12h bus ride.

13. I ruined my bike.

14. My brother turned 18 and got an epic card from me.

15. I had an important conversation that was long overdue.

16. On a weekday, I made some mistakes but at least also made a lot of people laugh.

17. I had one of the busiest months ever, but I created so many memories! And the business isn’t getting anywhere as my second uni semester progresses.

Have a great June!


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