17 Memories // March 2017

Hello world,

March has flown by, because I did sooo many things this month. I traveled, reconnected to my inner Swiss alter ego, and made all of my friends jealous by not being busy with uni / being busy with voyages.

It’s time to look back on a really good month. 

Here are 17 memories I made in March 2017: 

1.  I traveled as a Swiss tourist for the first time. After being mistaken for being an American, it feels great to say, ‘Oh no, I am Swiss.‘ (Especially in this day and age.)

2. I also traveled all by myself for the first time.

3. I had haggis. It wasn’t that bad, however, it was my only portion of meat this month and quite possibly my last in a long time.

4. On the Isle of Skye, I had an American encounter.

5. I pulled an all-nighter at the Edinburgh airport. That wasn’t as glamorous as I had expected it to be.

6. Surprisingly, I started liking coffee after years of complaining about not liking it. I may have made a mistake, though.

7. I am officially no longer a citizen of Bern, but will be a Swiss citizen forever.

8. I bought a bike. It’s green and fabulous.

9. I met up with so many friends. It felt like I had never left.

10. I visited continent #4: Asia. Didn’t feel very Asian.

11. I rode a camel.

12. In the Dead Sea, I realized painfully I shouldn’t have shaved my legs.

13. In Jerusalem, I experienced what impact religion has.

14. I bought a sign that says ‘Shalom y’all.’ No shame.

15. I legendarily pranked my best friend at Tel Aviv airport by making him believe I was denied leave of Israel.

16. In Bern, I watched the sun set over my favorite city surrounded by blossoming cherry trees and knew I will always come back to this place.

I love Bern with all of my heart: It is my home with my friends and family here, the most beautiful river, my beloved and incomprehensible third language, and sunsets as the one I witnessed this weekend.

17. After a travel intensive month, I am more than ready for my tiny dorm room, my America-obsessed squad, and a new semester doing what I love.

Have a great April!


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