17 Memories // June 2017

Hello world,

I love June. It’s the beginning of summer when every heat day is still a sweet surprise. Everything seems to explode from life, and everyone seems to burst from ideas of what to do next.

My June was great, which is mainly due to my wonderful dorm. Together, we had so much fun!

Here are 17 memories I made in June 2017: 

1.  One of my best friends visited me in Heidelberg.

2.  We hiked up the local hill after an epic brunch and sweat enough for the whole month.

3.  I absolutely slayed an assignment I had been dreading for weeks.

4.  I delved into German politics, because I am voting for the first time in September and I have no clue.

5.  I chopped off half of my hair and dyed it.

6.  I slept too little, because there were so many fun things going on 24/7.

7.  After four months, I finally met my new niece.

8.  For my youth group, we all individually baked a cake, because we all thought nobody else would. We ended up with seven cakes.

9.  With my whole dorm, I celebrated Midsommar, which was so much fun!

10. My very best friend visited me even though we were (and still are) both super busy.

11. We biked 15k to get take the first outdoor swim of the season and both got annoying sun burns.

12. I played a lot, a lot of volleyball.

13. For uni, I somehow managed to stay on top of it even though I had to sacrifice every single Sunday.

14. I remembered all the birthdays.

15. Slowly, I started to think about what is in store for me after my bachelor’s degree. Now I can’t stop envisioning the wildest scenarios.

16. Jag pluggade mycket svenska.

17. I just had a really good month. 2017 has been so fun so far, which I am extremely thankful for.

Have a good July!



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