17 Memories // February 2017

Hello world,

Time for another flashback.
I’ve been back in Switzerland for two weeks. However, since I worked a lot and the weather was pretty back, I am using spare photos from the last two months in Heidelberg for this post.

Without further ado, here we go.

Here are 17 memories I made in February 2017:

1 For my most important exam, I studied in the library until 12am.

2 I took five exams well prepared.

I passed them all.

To celebrate my passed exams, I had two glasses of champagne at 5pm. Somehow, I managed to be tipsy at dinner to my dorm mates’ delight.

I signed up for second semester after having successfully finished my first semester at uni.

In celebration of our first semester being done, I inaugurated my fondue stove and pot with my uni friends. Everyone loved it.For our semester closing service at the dorm, I gave the sermon. Seldom have I received more compliments. I am not switching my major, though, even if the theologians really tried to convince me.

Initially, I ran a lot. I even broke my 5k record of two years.

Spontaneously, I booked my first solo trip to a country I have had a crush on for years.

10 I watched my first horror movie: The Shining. It was scary, but I made it through.

11 After injuring myself, I did a lot of other physical activities such as yoga, swimming, and HIIT workouts.

12 I am so organized this month: All bills are paid, all documents are organized, and I am on top of all my chores.13 I spent two wonderful days with my close friend and former dorm neighbor Sophia. We saw Midsummer Night’s Dream as a ballet, which was pretty great.

14 Going back to Switzerland simultaneously felt like leaving home and coming home.

15 I received my Swiss passport within 48 hours after applying for it: Swiss bureaucracy at its finest!

16 I gained a cousin.

17 After a busy month, I am ready for my next month of travelling.
I hope everyone had a great February.


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